photo of a deer killed by Steve Barronphoto of a deer killed by Steve Barronphoto of a deer killed by Steve Barron

Hunter: Steve Barron

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Spalding

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

This is a buck we have nicknamed Curly. We’ve had him on our cameras for at least two years, and one of our lease members nearly got him last year. The morning of November 9 started pretty slow. It was warmer than usual and fairly windy. I was right at 30 feet up my tree in my climber on the side of a hill, expecting to get a shot above me on the hill side. Just a couple minutes before 10:00, I finally saw the first deer of the day. A spike worked a scrape above me. As the spike moved off, I heard something behind me. I recognized the deer as a shooter, thinking it was Curly, grabbed my bow, drew, stopped him, and made the shot. The whole ordeal took less than 15 seconds. The shot was 18 yards, quartering away, and down hill. The shot looked good, but I was a little worried that I may have only gotten one lung because of the shot angle. We gave the deer about 45 minutes before taking up the track and found him piled up less than 100 yards from the shot.
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