photo of a deer killed by Stephen Everettphoto of a deer killed by Stephen Everettphoto of a deer killed by Stephen Everett

Hunter: Stephen Everett

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Washington

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

My dad said he got a picture of a nice deer the first part of September, but I didn’t really pay it much attention until he sent me a picture of the deer 2 weeks later. My dad isn’t a hunter and thought it would be great if one of my sons could get a chance at this buck. The buck disappeared from Sept. 17 until Nov. 10. Both my boys got their personal best bucks during this time, so when he showed back up last weekend, I didn’t feel too guilty going after him. On Nov. 15, he came out at 4:30 checking does and ran two smaller bucks off. I had my bow and rifle in the stand with me, so when he finally got to within bow range, I took the shot. I immediately called my son and went home to pick him up to help with the recovery. After waiting a couple hours, we were able to recover the deer a couple hundred yards from where I shot him. Pretty awesome to experience this with my dad and my son. I shot my first buck on this place and over 25 years have passed since hunting it again. I think I’ll be back sooner than that this time.
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