photo of a deer killed by Stephanie Odomphoto of a deer killed by Stephanie Odomphoto of a deer killed by Stephanie Odom

Hunter: Stephanie Odom

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Early

Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

It was the first cool morning we've had this season, so my husband, Shannon Odom, decided he wanted to go sit with me because I shot a huge 7-pointer on opening day of bow season, and we couldn't find him. He finally showed back up on camera about 3 weeks later. We could see that I hit him in the shoulder, so my husband told me he would go and sit above in a lock-on to try and help me stay calm if I got a shot at another big buck. We got in the stand and settled in for the hunt. About 8:10 Shannon said we had a buck coming in behind us, so I stood up and got my bow off the hanger. The buck had his head in a tree, and then he made his way behind us about 20 yards. He was downwind of us, so he stopped when he caught our scent. He turned around and bounded off and headed back where came from. I said maybe he will come back, and my husband laughed and said I doubt it! We continued to sit and wait, and about 8:45 Shannon said, here comes another buck. He said, it's him, he's coming back! Then he told me that the buck was on the trail that goes in front of the stand. He said GET YOUR BOW AND GET READY! My heart was beating out of my chest! The closer he got the bigger he got. Shannon told me to calm down! When he was about 15 yards away he turned and headed toward our tree. When he got behind a bush, Shannon told me to draw, so I did, and my bow was moving everywhere I was so shaken up! He kept telling me to calm down! CALM DOWN!! The buck was at 8 yards quartering to me before I was given a clear shot. I finally settled in when Shannon grunted and stopped the deer. I shot and my husband said, you just smoked him! He ran about 60 yards and fell over. Shannon watched him fall. I was so pumped up and shaking all over! We gave him a little bit, and then went to him. When I walked up to him, I couldn't believe it. He was huge! He is by far the my biggest bow-kill ever! It was an awesome hunt, and I'm so glad my husband, Shannon, was there to keep me calm, so I could make a perfect shot on a deer of a lifetime.
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