photo of a deer killed by Noah Odomphoto of a deer killed by Noah Odomphoto of a deer killed by Noah Odom

Hunter: Noah Odom

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Early

Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

My daddy, Shannon Odom, and I decided to take a blind and sit it up near a peanut field. We put it close to where we had a camera set up. Once Daddy got the blind up, we got in and waited. We saw some does and little ones after a while. Then we waited and waited. It was so hot in the blind that I was complaining that I didn't want to hunt anymore until it turned cold. While I was fussing about the heat, my daddy said, "Noah, what about that deer that just stepped out?" I looked out of the blind and said, "Hmmmmm, I believe if he comes over here I'll shoot him!" It was a nice 8 point with tall brow tines. Some does blew at the blind, and we thought that he spooked. It wasn't long before he started making his way toward us. I picked up my bow to get ready. My heart was racing so fast, and my knees were shaking. When he got to 20 yards from the blind, I drew back my bow, and my daddy tried to stop him by grunting at him. He wouldn't stop! Daddy grunted four different times, and the deer kept walking. I finally decided to that I was running out of room to shoot, so I shot him walking. My daddy said, "You got him buddy! You got him!" I knew my shot was little far back, but there was blood pouring everywhere! We waited in the blind a while, so he would have time to die. We found blood immediate all over the peanuts, and tracked him into the woods. The blood started to become scarce, but my brother, Dawson Odom, spotted him. He ran about 200 yards from where I shot him. That was an awesome hunt! I was shaking so bad after I stuck him! When I got my hands on him, I was so excited! He was in full velvet! I want to thank my daddy for taking me hunting, and giving me the me the opportunity to shoot a big buck with my bow!
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