photo of a deer killed by Spencer Barronphoto of a deer killed by Spencer Barronphoto of a deer killed by Spencer Barron

Hunter: Spencer Barron

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Spalding

Season: 2017-2018

Hunt Story

I climbed into my tree prior to daylight and things were very quiet. At 8:50 AM I saw the buck coming up the logging road feeding on acorns. When I glassed him, he was at 30 yards and I recognized him as the 10-point we had on our trail cameras. I immediately ranged him at 30 yards, and when he turned broadside and had his head down, I took the shot. I heard the arrow hit and watched the buck run 30-35 yards and stop. I fully expected the deer to collapse right there, but, when he turned and walked very slowly down hill and enter the swamp I became very concerned and questioned my shot. I waited 1 hour in the tree, then went and examined the arrow, which was covered in blood. At that point I met up with my son and discussed what to do. We waited a while longer, just in case the hit wasn't as good as I suspected and then went back and found a very generous blood trail. The buck entered the swamp and I found him in about 100 yards or less.
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