photo of a deer killed by Smisson Rigdonphoto of a deer killed by Smisson Rigdonphoto of a deer killed by Smisson Rigdon

Hunter: Smisson Rigdon

Points: 13 (6L, 7R)

County: Houston

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

We had this deer on camera late summer and found him out of velvet just before bow season started. He had been showing up regularly on camera just before dark. My dad hunted him once in a climber opening day but he did not show up. My dad put up a lock-on around 3 pm the day I shot him. I got in the stand just before 6 pm, and was watching 2 does and a yearling at 20 yards when an old 7-pointer and this 13-pointer walked out around 80 yards away. They worked their way towards the does and he finally stopped at 25 yards broadside. I drew back and put the pin just behind his shoulder and let it fly. Double lung pass-thru and he ran about 50 yards and fell over. When I called my dad to tell him I got him, he was on the phone with his friend, who was actually watching the whole thing through binoculars from 300 or so yards away as it happened and knew I had just shot. Certainly a hunt I will never forget!
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