photo of a deer killed by Shea Championphoto of a deer killed by Shea Championphoto of a deer killed by Shea Champion

Hunter: Shea Champion

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Greene

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

We have been waiting all season to go hunting. My son Austin was begging to go to hunting camp for the weekend. So Friday 11/11 we headed down to Greene County where we hunt. Hunted all weekend and saw plenty of deer just no shoot or the right one. So normally we leave Sunday midday and head home, but Austin said he didn’t want to go home empty-handed. So we stayed for the afternoon hunt. Set up in one stand for about 45 minutes and Austin decided he wanted to go back where we had hunted all weekend due to there being really fresh rubs. So we loaded up and drove over to the other side of the property and ran to the ladder stand we had been. Hunting. Sat for about hour and a half and nothing. 5 pm rolls around and my son says dad it's 5 o’clock and it’s power hour so be real still. 5:10 hits and a doe runs out behind our stand and here we go. Doe comes out just to the left of the stand and stops with her nose in the air. We hear a limb break directly behind us and I turn and look and there stands the buck we have been hunting. He was chasing the doe but he saw us move so we had to act quickly.I had the only shot at him. So boom I drop 'em and the doe doesn’t move. Austin, quickly grabs the gun from me and bam he shoots the doe and she drops. Wow what an amazing afternoon hunt it was!!
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