photo of a deer killed by Shawn Lumsdenphoto of a deer killed by Shawn Lumsdenphoto of a deer killed by Shawn Lumsden

Hunter: Shawn Lumsden

Points: 11 (5L, 6R)

County: Talbot

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

High anticipation hit hard the second November showed up on the calendar. It does that to me every year. With the official start of the rut, I managed to get off work early and slip into the woods for a Thursday afternoon sit. See the thing is, it’s really hard for me not to be in the woods this time of year. Leaves are changing, a cold front has come in and barometric pressure is through the roof. Not to mention my target buck started daylighting 24 hrs prior. The afternoon however was rather uneventful, curious 2-year-olds following doe family groups was the theme. However, as darkness began to descend, bigger bucks started coming out like clockwork. With less than 10 minutes left of legal shooting light, my target buck showed up at 15 yards. I passed this deer up as a 3.5-year-old last year with my bow, found his sheds in the spring with my 2-year-old Julian and was fortunate enough to cross paths with him this season after he put on an additional 30" of bone. Doesn't get much better than that.
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