photo of a deer killed by Shawn Lumsdenphoto of a deer killed by Shawn Lumsdenphoto of a deer killed by Shawn Lumsden

Hunter: Shawn Lumsden

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Talbot

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

For months, we have had a deer we call "Muley" show up on our trail cams, named after his unique, identical split G2s resembling that of a Mule Deer. He was an infrequent visitor, only making an appearance every couple of weeks and always during the night. He quickly became my No. 1 target buck of 2020. On the evening of Monday, November 16th, I got our first pictures of him during the day, right before dark. I just so happened to be off work Monday and Tuesday, so I decided to go after him Tuesday morning. As daylight starts to show, I do a quick short blind grunt. Minutes later a tall tined, heavy 8 comes walking under my stand looking for the intruder. After he passes through, I look up and see two small 8s sparring. After several more small bucks and does pass through, I decide to give it another 30 minutes and climb down at 9:00 a.m. Around this time, I decide to do a doe bleat with a Primos can for the fun of it — couldn't hurt right? Ten minutes later, something told me to look behind me, and as I do, there stands "Muley," the sun is shining on him and his chocolate rack. He is fully upright, staring in my direction. As he cautiously approaches, I carefully swing my rifle around and take the very first broadside shot that I was presented with - a mere 32 yards away. He runs off like a scalded dog and I knew the shot had found its mark. After laying eyes on him, I call my Dad, brother, wife and son and they drive over to witness the recovery. It was a morning in the Georgia deer woods that I will never forget.
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