photo of a deer killed by Shawn Lumsdenphoto of a deer killed by Shawn Lumsdenphoto of a deer killed by Shawn Lumsden

Hunter: Shawn Lumsden

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Talbot

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Cold temperatures and a rising/full moon were in the forecast for the first weekend in October calling for a long overdue vacation day. Around 4:30 pm, I slipped into the spot where my No. 1 target buck, Timber, has been frequenting regularly. I actually had an encounter with him the weekend prior at 22 yards but it was just too dark to make an ethical shot. The evening started out as the slowest sit I have had all year. Having already harvested 5 does with my bow this season, I was out for a buck. A small 5 pt with an injured front leg hobbled his way out into a grassy field at 7:01pm, less than 30 minutes from the end of shooting light. Following behind him was a spike and a wide, respectable mainframe 9 pt. As the wide 9 started browsing on beautyberry, I raised my camcorder and started filming. Like clockwork he started making his way toward me. I had it in my mind that I wasn't going to shoot anything other than Timber but as he slowly started walking out of range, I began to regret not taking him. Shortly after he disappeared, I reviewed the footage and told myself I would definitely put an arrow through this buck if he were to give me another opportunity. About 8-10 minutes before last light, I couldn't help but notice a buck viciously tending a scrape at the end of my freshly planted food plot. As I put glass on him, I realized it was the same wide 9. Over the next 5 minutes he cautiously made his way straight to my stand, eventually allowing me to send an arrow straight through his vitals at 15 yards. The buck ran off like a scalded dog, only to fall over less than 30 yards away. I was ecstatic. Although he wasn't technically my No. 1 target buck, I knew I made the right decision taking the 15 yard chip shot at the brink of darkness, knowing the chances of a quick recovery were high. Sure enough, Timber stayed in the area the following days and even continued to make daylight appearances. If a little luck comes my way and that stand continues to serve me well, Timber may just be my next 2020 Truck Buck entry... stay tuned!
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