photo of a deer killed by Shane Herndonphoto of a deer killed by Shane Herndonphoto of a deer killed by Shane Herndon

Hunter: Shane Herndon

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Jones

Season: 2015-2016 (Week 15)

Hunt Story

I was invited by my cousin to hunt at his hunting club. I was thinking about possibly joining his club next season and wanted to check it out. I took my two sons, Shae who is almost 16 and Cade who is almost 12. Cade was sitting with me in a double stand overlooking a hardwood bottom. The views were beautiful. My son Shae was sitting in a stand by himself about 150 yards away from us. Cade had been napping when I heard rustling of leaves straight behind us. As I turned to look over my shoulder, I saw four deer walking in a single file line, coming toward us. The first deer was a spike, the second was the 9-pointer that I shot, and the other two were does. I aimed for the right front shoulder of the 9-pointer as he was angled and squeezed the trigger of the Savage 7mm magnum. The deer immediately lunged and began running into the woods, heading toward my son. I could hear the deer "crash" and I knew he was down. We decided to stay in the stand a little longer as to not spook the deer. When we came down from the stand, we searched for about one hour in the area where the deer had run and found him lying in some briers. With the help of my two sons, we drug him to the trail and picked him up.
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