photo of a deer killed by Seth Hamerphoto of a deer killed by Seth Hamerphoto of a deer killed by Seth Hamer

Hunter: Seth Hamer

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Troup

Season: 2018-2019 (Week 1)

Hunt Story

This deer showed up on my trail camera for the first time Friday, September 14th. I was able to get off work a little early and had a decent wind direction for the stand. The farmer who owns the land said he had seen 3 bucks just a couple hundred yards away in a field the day before. I slipped in to the stand and got set up and was just sweating it out. Around 7:10 a big raccoon came in and was eating some 4S Draw attractant I had put out. I was watching the coon and caught movement out of the corner of my eye, and he was walking behind me at 20 yards. He turned to look down toward a creek I was sitting on and gave me a chance to draw my bow. Two steps later I let the arrow fly with a complete pass-through shot. He ran about 65 yards and went out of sight. I gave him an hour while waiting on my wife and father in law to come help me track. We found him just a few yards passed where I last saw him run. This was my first buck with a bow.
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