photo of a deer killed by Scotty Grayphoto of a deer killed by Scotty Grayphoto of a deer killed by Scotty Gray

Hunter: Scotty Gray

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Wilkinson

Season: 2015-2016 (Week 9)

Hunt Story

My 12-year-old Caleb and I were hunting a box blind in a 2-year-old cutover we have hunted all year, when we are able. I have him every other weekend. We had decided to hunt until 10:00 since we couldn't hunt the afternoon and rut is kicked in. We had heard a number of shots, but not seen anything, so we finalized the plan that 10:00 was time to go. About 9:45 Caleb fell asleep, and I was struggling to stay awake, but I held out—10:00 came, and I decided to glass the cutover again. The cutover is pretty high, so at 80 yards from the stand I saw antler tips. I tried to alert Caleb without success. Big Boy stepped out at 50 yards and I connected. Caleb woke up and witnessed Big Boy go down 70 yards from where I shot him. Truly a great day and a great hunt. I had actually missed Big Boy opening day due to the "Fever" and a 12-year-old in my ear at 140 yards. The good Lord truly blessed us daily.
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