photo of a deer killed by Scott Stewartphoto of a deer killed by Scott Stewartphoto of a deer killed by Scott Stewart

Hunter: Scott Stewart

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Paulding

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

I had gotten numerous trail-cam pictures the previous three years of this buck, but all of those had been at night. He had never shown himself during legal hunting hours. As the sun was setting and daylight was starting to fade, I was about to get out of my stand when I heard something behind me in the powerline. I looked, and saw a deer approaching me. I quickly threw my scope up saw him, nicknamed "Twin Towers" by my son, Jeb, who is 12 years old. Twin Towers was heading for the wood line, and I only had a few seconds to get my crosshairs on him, pull the trigger, and say a prayer! I made a clean hit and he only ran about 20 yards, crashing into a thicket. I have to give credit to my wife Nikki, my son Jeb, and my father-in-law Jeffro, for helping me drag him out, as he was heavy and thick! Thank you very much, and I truly hope I make it in your awesome magazine! Sincerely, Scott Stewart
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