photo of a deer killed by Scott Scarboroughphoto of a deer killed by Scott Scarboroughphoto of a deer killed by Scott Scarborough

Hunter: Scott Scarborough

Points: 13 (6L, 7R)

County: Harris

Season: 2018-2019 (Week 5)

Hunt Story

With a cold front moving in two days prior, the buck activity was picking up. Upon checking the forecast, I saw rain possible on Saturday. But the temp Friday was still around a low of 64. Decided to take my chances. Set up on a hardwood ridge that had a decent amount of scrapes on the roadbed that overlooks a wide creek bottom. Got into stand around 4:15, and at 4:30 this guy came in at 20 yards, but due to the direction he was facing I was unable to get ready. Had to let him walk away as my heart sank. He went to my right around 40 yards out, then turned back towards the roadbed. I realized if I move quick I can possibly have a one shot deal while he was walking through the opening. I then ranged the shot at 67 yards and drew my Mathews back for a shot I practiced and prepared for many times a week. As he crossed my window I let the g5 deadmeat eat, as it shattered his right shoulder and almost became a pass through. Ran 60 yards and the rest is history. This will make my fourth Georgia Pope and Young. This is all owed to my family, the good Lord, and the guys who I share this memory with. This is what a QDM program will get you. This deer was 6.5 years old, weighed 238.6 pounds. This is just a small example of what our property manager has grown and my hat's off to him. Thanks
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