photo of a deer killed by Scott Dionnephoto of a deer killed by Scott Dionnephoto of a deer killed by Scott Dionne

Hunter: Scott Dionne

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Cherokee

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

This was a deer I had a history with. I named him Splits due to his unique G2s. Last year I had him at 20 yards at full draw straight on and he busted me coming up out of the woods. It was the only encounter I had with him while on stand during 2020. Over the summer I was excited to know he had made it through the season and had put on several inches from the previous year. His frame, mass and tine length had benefited from the additional year. His split G2s had gone from short stickers the previous year to the G2s being almost identical with muley type characteristics. I am fortunate to have a spot in Cherokee Co. for the past 20 years to enjoy something I'm passionate about so close to home and it wouldn't be possible without the landowners I've come to call friends, being so gracious to allow me to hunt their property. I owe them everything! I left work Thursday at 5 p.m. made the short drive home, showered, changed and gathered my gear to make the 15-minute drive to the property. I was settled in the stand at 6 p.m. It was a nice evening with scattered showers and a NE wind. I sat for the first 30 min with no action. At 6:30 a steady shower passed through and it rained until 7 p.m. At 7:35 the first deer made its way into my area. It was a nice 8-point that I knew well and was usually accompanied by my target buck based on my trail-cam pics up to this point. I immediately turned my attention to his back trail and prayed his buddy would be following up his trail. A few minutes later I detected movement and spotted his big frame as he made his way to me. He paused at about 20 yards with only a few branches blocking our direct line of sight and licked his back for a few minutes. As he started down the trail it gave me the opportunity to stand and draw my bow. He turned at about 25 yards and offered me a hard quartering-away view. I took aim directly in front of his rear left hind quarter and tapped my release. The arrow hit true and passed through him exiting his center brisket. He went approximately 30 yards and dropped.
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