photo of a deer killed by Scott Cawleyphoto of a deer killed by Scott Cawleyphoto of a deer killed by Scott Cawley

Hunter: Scott Cawley

Points: 22 (12L, 10R)

County: Columbia

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

It was kinda of an overcast morning entered the stand over looking an old food plot. As it was getting light, I noticed a small spike easing down the tree line and disappearing into the pines. Caught movement a doe coming toward me at a good trot. As she went by a small 8-point was right behind her. I watched and let them pass. Few minutes later a small 4-point came down the same trail fallowing the doe and 8-point. Thirty minutes or so pass, and I noticed the big buck had stepped in to the edge of the field broadside at around 75 yards. Just the shot I was wanting. Raised my rifle, placed the crosshairs right behind the right shoulder, and squeezed off a round. He stumbled over to the edge of the tree line and I lost sight of him. I sat in the stand to collect myself and give the animal time to expire. As I climbed down for my ladder stand shaking, I walked to the spot I last saw him and found him lying under a small cedar. Just looking at the size of this deer I knew I was going to need some help. I called a family member to help load him up.
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