photo of a deer killed by Scott Biehlphoto of a deer killed by Scott Biehlphoto of a deer killed by Scott Biehl

Hunter: Scott Biehl

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Upson

Season: 2016-2017 (Week 6)

Hunt Story

The timber company clearcut one of my stand locations adjacent to a swamp two years ago. We were so excited to hunt it this year because the growth was perfect with grass, trash piles, and new sapling growth. My 15-year-old son and I couldn't wait to get into our stand opening day, but he got invited to the Auburn vs. Arkansas game at the last minute and chose to have fun with his buddies. I almost didn't go hunting because like a lot of Dad's it’s more about the kids than us at this stage. I obviously decided to go and am I glad I did. I got in the stand about 4:00 with the wind blowing so hard I almost got down from the stand 3 or 4 times because I thought it would blow over. About 6:00 I decided to switch chairs in the stand to look at the edge of the swamp and clearcut thinking they would come out of their bed in the swamp. I've always loved the hunting shows where they hunt tall grass in the Midwest and see a bucks antlers in the grass then do a stalk, and I couldn't stop visioning the same thing happening with my spot. I wasn't in the chair for 5 minutes looking at new places I couldn't see from the other chair when I saw antlers turn to the left in the grass. I threw up the binocs and about died right there! He was bedded down about 10 feet inside the clearcut from the edge of the swamp. When I got a better look at his rack, I believe I started to hyperventilate. I left my gun on the other side of the stand so I had to duck down, grab it and then find the buck in my scope. He was moving through the grass when I spotted him again, and when I saw his complete rack I knew this would be the biggest buck I've ever taken. I am not a great hunter and mess up on a lot of deer because I get so excited and do something stupid... I said "not this time." As soon as he stuck his head out from behind a tree, I cranked up the scope and placed a bullet an inch or two behind his ear dropping him where he stood. I was a nervous wreck getting out of the stand and deciding how to get to him through the briars and blowdowns “without spooking him if he was still alive.” When I got to him, I could not believe his width and thickness of his rack. He turned out to be 16 inches inside spread. The 23rd was the 14th anniversary of my Dad’s passing, and he was my hero and long-time hunting buddy. I don’t mind telling you I sat down and cried my heart out – both for taking my biggest deer ever and wishing he could have been with me to see it. What a wonderful night and start to the season!
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