photo of a deer killed by Sarah Registerphoto of a deer killed by Sarah Registerphoto of a deer killed by Sarah Register

Hunter: Sarah Register

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Schley

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

I had debated all day on if I was going to hunt or not. I thought if nothing else there were several hogs showing up maybe I would get a shot at them. I’m telling you conditions were just not favorable for deer movement. Not big bucks anyway! It was hot, muggy and miserable. By the time I arrived to my stand I was pouring sweat. I took off my outer jack sprayed down with Lethal dirt sent and settled in for the afternoon. As I sat I continued to sweat so I decided I would spray down again and also spray some EverCalm out of the front window of the stand to cove any scent I may have left while getting to the stand. As the afternoon faded I had decided this day was going to be a total bust because by now the deer and hogs have usually shown up at this stand. As I was slowly scanning my surrounding I saw movement down the road about 100 yards away between two pines. I quickly raised my binoculars and my Herat began to pound. It was a giant Georgia buck standing all alone the middle of the road. I slowly slide my left window opened put my rifle in position and watched as the buck walk straight away from me. I thought he was going to just walk out of sight. Then all of a sudden he stops, turns broadside, puts his head down and starts to smell the ground where I walked up the road. At that point I knew I had to try to get a shot off or he was going to be gone. I quickly raise my rifle to my shoulder, pulled it up tight, lowered my head to my scope, placed the crosshairs in the middle of his shoulder, squeezed the trigger and boom he fell right in his tracks. I’m telling you I just thought my heart was beating hard before; ha now it feels like my heart is going to beat out of my chest. I quickly gather my things, climb out of my stand and hurry up the road to where my buck was laying. Oh wow he was even bigger than I thought. You never know when that big boy will show up. On a day I thought was a complete bust God blessed me with my personal best buck ever and that I am very thankful for.
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