photo of a deer killed by Sam Sullivanphoto of a deer killed by Sam Sullivanphoto of a deer killed by Sam Sullivan

Hunter: Sam Sullivan

Points: 14 (10L, 4R)

County: Treutlen

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

I was sitting on a food plot stand on a gas line of our lease in Treutlen County on Sunday Nov. 11. It was a cool and overcast afternoon. A small spike was feeding alone in the food plot, and the spike suddenly got very alert with its ears pinned forward looking into the woods. I thought something was coming out, and this buck appeared suddenly prancing into the food plot. I immediately recognized him as a buck I had gotten numerous trail-cam pictures of that we named “Drac” short for Dracula because he had some trash on his bases that looked like two fangs. I put my 40-year-old Remington 7mm magnum on him, and he went about 75 yards into the woods and piled up. I know he won’t win the truck buck, but I’m proud to enter him with the many other fine bucks in this great contest of this great magazine.
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