photo of a deer killed by Sam Klementphoto of a deer killed by Sam Klementphoto of a deer killed by Sam Klement

Hunter: Sam Klement

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Early

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

On Monday 12-10, I was hunting on one of our Early County Hooch farms. I had an encounter with this deer earlier in the season with no ethical shot opportunity, passed in hopes of getting another crack at him later in the season. That chance was Monday 12-10. With the cooler weather moving in approximately 40 degrees and a misting rain, I decided to go back into this stand. I hunt in very thick areas with limited visibility knowing that mature deer are very likely to be bedded close. After being in the stand for approximately 30-40 minutes and less than an hour before sunset, I decided to do a little light rattling. After a couple of sequences, I looked up and caught a glimpse of a rack working a sapling back and forth. I then grunted a few times and got the buck's attention. This buck started working his way toward my stand location, stopping every few steps to check the wind and lick his nose. He was very cautious as he came into the horns, but clearly he was looking for the bucks he thought he heard. At 20 yards I drew my bow as the buck stepped behind some brush. When the deer steeped out, I was locked in on some VooDoo deer lure sam had sprayed on a few bushes prior to climbing into his set. Sam’s PSE/Muzzy combination did their job! The Buck ran approx. 50 yards and piled up! Sam said the Bucks in early county are on the verge of busting lose.. he is starting to get mature bucks on his trail cameras over trails/scrapes and seeing smaller busks cruising and harassing the does.
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