photo of a deer killed by Sam Kellettphoto of a deer killed by Sam Kellettphoto of a deer killed by Sam Kellett

Hunter: Sam Kellett

Points: 13 (6L, 7R)

County: Brooks

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I was hunting alone once again after not seeing anything for the first couple hunts. Being 14 years old and having to wake myself up and find the stand was a challenge, but the trail camera pictures of this huge deer was definitely encouraging. I had gotten in the stand about 30 minutes before daylight. I sat in the stand for about 1 hour without seeing much. Right when I started to relax, a massive deer walked out about 200 yards away. He clearly had big antlers. I put him in my scope and knew immediately it was the deer we called “Sideshow Bob”, a 13-pointer that I had been tracking since September. He started to walk down the path leading to my stand. I waited for him to turn broadside, and took the shot. He kicked like a mule and only ran about 20 yards before I saw him drop.
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