photo of a deer killed by Ryan Eichnerphoto of a deer killed by Ryan Eichnerphoto of a deer killed by Ryan Eichner

Hunter: Ryan Eichner

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Macon

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

My wife and I were out celebrating our 1 year anniversary hunting together. She was in my SadDaddy tower and I was in my climber. At about 6:50 pm, I noticed a doe about 130 yards away behind me and I focused on her for a bit. After deciding to let her walk, as I was turning my body and head back around, I noticed the Buck in a pine row lickin the branch and making a scrape right over my mock scrape I made before climbing in the tree about 3 hours prior. I quickly grabbed my binos to make sure he was an older Buck. As I put the binos down and my rifle up, he had taken one step into the pines/hardwoods and lucky stopped with his left shoulder visible. I took the shot and he jumped and took off into the pines. He must have done a half circle as he came right back out and dropped right in the road! When we got up to him, you could already smell him! He wasn’t swolled up quite yet, but his hocks were black and he was ripe! Weighed 218 lbs and was just shy of 16” spread. Not much better way to spend my 1 year anniversary in my mind!
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