photo of a deer killed by Ryan Achordphoto of a deer killed by Ryan Achordphoto of a deer killed by Ryan Achord

Hunter: Ryan Achord

Points: 14 (7L, 7R)

County: Lee

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

We were given some pictures of this buck and the area he lived in by one of the guys who previously hunted the property. I saw him last year but had already killed a really nice buck so he got a free pass. We had no pictures of him during the summer and very few starting in October. Best guess he was 5 1/2 and to our surprise has some new growth coming out of the bases of both horns. But he wouldn't eat under a feeder and skirted the edges of the food plots, so getting any pictures let alone clear ones was tough. I hunted right in the middle of where we did have pictures, it was a swamp/creek bottom that ran along some open pines and intersected with a thick clear cut. We had seen him a total of 3 times before getting an shot opportunity. I had actually seen him the night before 215 yards away but wasn't able to get him to stop for a shot. The next morning he appeared in the wide open pines 150 yards away, walked to within 30 yards giving me an easy broadside shot.
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