photo of a deer killed by Ross Hodgesphoto of a deer killed by Ross Hodgesphoto of a deer killed by Ross Hodges

Hunter: Ross Hodges

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Crawford

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

On this past Saturday morning, My Mom and me were deer hunting.  We had been there for an hour or so when my mom saw the deer first. All I could see was the rack and it was massive. The stand we were hunting in sits where three roads come together. One road has a ditch that runs the length of it and I think the deer was drinking water from it. Instead of him jumping the ditch and waliking into the road like we had hoped, he turned and headed back into the thick pines. My Mom could still see him moving every now and then with the binoculars and then he disappeared. My Mom told me to keep watching up road and she would keep looking through the wood line. About five minutes later he comes back out further up the road and jumps the ditch.  He stops and starts eating something. I can see him in my scope but there is some small brush in the way of me taking the shot. He starts moving down the road but headed straight at us so I still don\'t have a good shot.  Finally, he turns broadside and stops so I ask my Mom if I can take the shot and she says "Yes." I take the shot and he drops dead right there in the road.  I told my Mom that I didn't get that feeling while I was watching him but now I can't stop shaking.  
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