photo of a deer killed by Ross Hodgesphoto of a deer killed by Ross Hodgesphoto of a deer killed by Ross Hodges

Hunter: Ross Hodges

Points: 11 (5L, 6R)

County: Peach

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

Ross and I set up in a ground blind in a pecan orchard, it's been extremely dry and the orchard offers everything deer want and need right now. We hunted Saturday afternoon and saw 3 does and a 6-pointer, which Ross ended up killing. He was excited to say the least, being that was only his second deer ever. Sunday afternoon he was ready to try it again, this time we had the whole family in the ground blind. We were there for an hour or so when we saw the first deer, a doe and a yearling, they were a little too far for a shot but still kept things interesting by at least having something to watch. The two deer fed their way into the orchard, but it was getting a little hard to see, as the sun had set and being overcast it was darker the farther they went. Ross had just said "well at least we saw something" when I saw another deer walking the edge of the orchard, headed toward us. I picked up the binoculars to get a better look, being that he had shot a smaller buck Saturday afternoon, we had to make sure this deer had 4 points on one side. Well he did, and we all started getting ready for Ross to take a shot. As he got closer, my wife was having trouble containing her excitement and was "coaching" Ross on when to take his shot! Well with all the excitement, Ross's first shot missed the mark, but after settling down, the buck offered another opportunity for a shot, this time he made contact and the deer fell in his tracks. We couldn't unzip the blind fast enough, lots of high five and hugs later, we loaded him up and the work began. I hope he remembers that hunt like I remember mine from when I was a kid.
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