photo of a deer killed by Ronnie Orrphoto of a deer killed by Ronnie Orrphoto of a deer killed by Ronnie Orr

Hunter: Ronnie Orr

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Chattahoochee

Season: 2017-2018 (Week 10)

Hunt Story

My 12 y/o son and I were hunting together and my intentions are always for him to get the first and best opportunity to harvest any game. During our hunt we had eight doe and two yearlings come out to feed around the area. I always make it a priority to teach to my son about the observations we make while watching animals. All the doe have been acting real spooky because of the bucks in the area running them during the rut. We whispered to each other as to the reasons and how with amount of doe we have in front of us there should be a buck close by and to watch them to see where they are looking, and typically if they look in a direction multiple times or act concerned about the direction they are looking that there is probably a buck or another deer in that area. We noticed a few of the doe looking towards an area, then the doe started to scatter and run off. At that moment I spotted a good buck run through a brushy area then stop one step from being out of sight. My son couldn't see him, so I went ahead and made a shot and he dropped. I still wish my son would have been able to get a shot because it would have replaced his second best buck, but he was nearly as excited as if he would have got it himself. It's a blessing being able to teach and raise a child in the outdoors and help him to learn life lessons and become a great hunter.
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