photo of a deer killed by Robert Houkphoto of a deer killed by Robert Houkphoto of a deer killed by Robert Houk

Hunter: Robert Houk

Points: 10 (6L, 4R)

County: Cherokee

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I had 7 doe come down the trail. I watched them for five minutes thinking I couldn’t believe no buck. I catch a deer moving, trotting down the trail. It’s a big 10. I tried to get him to stop with my grunt tube, and he hits the brakes. No shot. He runs into the doe group and they scatter, and he goes after them. Darn it. Five minutes later two doe start coming back and then they turn and go over the ridge and I think great if the 10 comes on their trail he will go over the ridge and be gone. I no sooner think it and he pops out right under my stand. I swing my gun around flip the safety off and pull the trigger. Nothing. I fumble around and get the safety off as he’s walking away, but he turned just enough I put the crosshairs on him as he’s weaving in and out of branches. And boom. He takes off like lightning. I wait and then look for hair or blood. Nothing. I searched for two hours trying to find any sign. Nothing. I think I must’ve missed and go to the house. Last night was rough. Miss or dead, Miss or dead. I woke up this morning and think no way I missed. Around noon I convince myself to go back and look for hair at shot site but it rained all night and now I can’t find anything. I thought maybe he didn’t run straight down the ridge but turned and went uphill. No he wouldn’t I thought. I am going to check the gut pile spot where the buck I shot last week was laying I go to the spot take five steps and ANTLERS I raised my hand and said God is good. The End
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