photo of a deer killed by Robbie Rollinsphoto of a deer killed by Robbie Rollinsphoto of a deer killed by Robbie Rollins

Hunter: Robbie Rollins

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Toombs

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

It was a cold, clear Saturday morning. I had some MRI on a buck that I was hunting during bow season at a different location. He had daylighted the last two mornings at a location that I had put a ground blind about a week prior. It was about 6:30 AM and I caught movement in the woods approximately 60 yards in front of me. I could tell it was my target buck, but it was still a little dark and he was moving in and out of cover. It was too risky to try a shot. At 7:55 I saw a doe coming down the road towards the food plot. As she entered the plot I noticed movement following the same path she took. I caught glimpses of his rack through the trees and knew it was my buck. As he entered the plot he kept switching his gaze from my blind and the doe. He appeared to be getting nervous and he was quartering hard toward me. He was only at about 60 yards, so I had confidence in my 30-06. I took the shot and he piled up about 50 yards in the woods.
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