photo of a deer killed by Robbie Fulghumphoto of a deer killed by Robbie Fulghumphoto of a deer killed by Robbie Fulghum

Hunter: Robbie Fulghum

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Franklin

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I haven't been able to hunt much this year. Didn't expect to see anything much this late in year in daytime buck wise (January) with most mature bucks moving at night. I decided just to sit on the ground which I enjoy ground hunting when I can. Looked to my left in the field at 7:30 am and saw a buck running across . I didn't have time to look at his rack through the scope but with my eyes at 200 yards I could see his neck was swollen and by his body I could tell he was a mature buck. I had to shoot quick before he went into the woods and I dropped him. I wasn't sure exactly how big his rack was but when I walked up to him he was a nice 9 point. I have shot bigger bucks in the past, but this one is just as important to me as the others and I will always remember the hunt. My grandpa passed on 1-1-2010 and I killed this deer on 1-1-2024. He was one of my best hunting buddies. I know he was looking down on me and this one is dedicated to him.
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