photo of a deer killed by Rob Rozarphoto of a deer killed by Rob Rozarphoto of a deer killed by Rob Rozar

Hunter: Rob Rozar

Points: 15 (8L, 7R)

County: Worth

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

I was hunting in a lock on stand over looking 3 scrapes in the river bottom along the Flint River. I saw several bucks and a doe with a fawn around 6:00pm. Around 7:00, I saw the frames of two nice bucks. Once they stepped into a small opening near one of the scrapes, I knew one of the bucks was the one I was after. He made his way to one of the scrapes under an oak tree and turned broadside. I waited for his front shoulder to move forward and took the shot with my bow. I was confident in the shot and heard him crash in the woods about 30 yards away. I got out of the stand after about 20 minutes and found my arrow, I was thankful it was a pass through with great blood on the ground! I left the river bottom for about an hour to give the buck plenty of time. Me and my friend Lance went back to "first blood" and easily tracked the blood and looked up to see antlers. He was about 30-40 yards from where I shot him. I was proud to be holding the buck of a lifetime and being able to enjoy the great outdoors.
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