photo of a deer killed by Riley Wilsonphoto of a deer killed by Riley Wilsonphoto of a deer killed by Riley Wilson

Hunter: Riley Wilson

Points: 11 (5L, 6R)

County: Henry

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

This story starts in early July we had just put camera's out on the property and decided to start bush hogging the front pasture. I'm just cruising along and CLING … KNOCK... and horn pieces fly everywhere out from under the tractor. I get down and start picking up the pieces and called my Father to let him know what I "found" with the tractor. LOL! We did not have a lot of intel on this property so did not really know who this deer could be, but.... his shed was here so we knew where close to his core area. Over the next 2 months we had been working the dove field and prepping for Deer season....and the pictures start coming in!! We had pics of this beast for the next 2 months, all at night but we had him! The excitement was building as I had never had a deer of this caliber to hunt. My Father and I cleaned up the old stands and set new ones where we thought the opportunity could happen...…and the buck vanishes!! HEARTBROKEN to say the least, I did not let this dictate my season. I stuck with my plan and when the time came I started hunting this particular piece of property. I sat a few times throughout November when the wind allowed me too, and now we make it to Thanksgiving week. My father was on me about going to the stand, "Go home get your stuff and go sit Son , Please! That deer is coming, don't miss the pre front feeding! They are going to be on their feet!" so here we go!!! Monday eve..... does and small bucks, nice but young. Tuesday eve....same thing, bucks a little nicer but not quite there. And now its Wednesday November 22, 2023...… I get off work early go home and me and my buddy Hunter headed to the stand. It was kind of slow and We are sitting and waiting for something to show. It is getting to be around 5:45 pm and we catch movement clear across the field. Here come some of the best BIG BUCK bait this time of year, 4 mature does start walking to us. I see move movement on the field edge, and out he steps!!! My heart starts racing as I had to watch him walk for about 1000 yards coming across the field. I never took my gun off of him the whole time! He gets to about 45 yards and stops.... the tension is building and I am about to explode. I mean he is within bow range at this point, I am thinking please just turn and give me the opportunity. He must have heard me, he took one look at the stand and one at the wood line.... and then turns and gives me the shot I have been waiting on. BOOM, I pulled the trigger he hits the ground and makes his way back up and takes off. I immediately chamber another round just in case he needed another. The further he ran thru the field the lower he got to the ground...… front end finally breaks down and he turns a flip just before the field edge!!!! First call was to my Father to let him know "I DID IT DAD , I SHOT ONE OF THE BIG ONES" He was having a fit and so was I!! We get the deer loaded up and to the house and the CELEBRATION began!!!
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