photo of a deer killed by Ricky Leephoto of a deer killed by Ricky Leephoto of a deer killed by Ricky Lee

Hunter: Ricky Lee

Points: 12 (7L, 5R)

County: Brantley

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

Back porch buck. This is truly a blessing for me. A chance of a lifetime, I’ve hunted all my life, dog, still, bow hunting and black powder. I am 56 and I’ve never killed anything of this quality. If it’s meant to be they will come to you. We keep our grandson Monday through Friday so most mornings are full. That morning he and I were sitting on the couch overlooking about 10 acres. We were watching three does eating under a persimmon tree. I happened to look up and see him walking towards them. I ran and grabbed my rifle, slipped out the back door and onto the back porch. I shot him about 200 yards, he fell in his tracks. Immediately my son called and asked, what did you shoot? I told him a good racked buck. I’ll be right there he said. We jumped on the golf cart and rode down to the deer. When I saw him up close I was in total shock! My son said, do you know or even realize what you have just killed? I couldn’t hardly say anything. We run cameras almost year-round but we haven’t ever had him on anything we had. We had been hunting in our creek in climbers and ladders in different places. But haven’t seen anything like this ever. No evidence of him being in this area. We try to feed the does year-round with corn, rye, persimmons, grapes, Live Oaks, and water oaks. We always said, if we could keep the does and the yearlings here the bucks would come. Every year around black powder week and the first week of rifle season the bucks show up. And I know people would say that’s not hunting, but who would not shoot him given the chance. My son n law came and caped him out for me for taxidermy. (My back porch buck)
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