photo of a deer killed by Jack Linderphoto of a deer killed by Jack Linderphoto of a deer killed by Jack Linder

Hunter: Jack Linder

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Lincoln

Season: 2015-2016

Hunt Story

My Dad and I were sitting on the ground, and it was getting dark because it was overcast at about 5:30 pm. I lifted my hat and a doe blew at us from behind, and we heard her run away. We had occasionally been using the doe bleat call. The doe came right back out of the woods behind and a little further away. I raised my gun, and she blew again and ran off. Then we did the bleat call again. Everything got quiet and then all of a sudden I whispered to my dad, "Dad there's a buck." My dad could not see the deer at first, and then he came into full view, and dad whispered, "Jack that is a big deer." The big buck was about 40 yards away and looking right at us. Then he took a couple of quick steps out of view from my dad, but I could see him between two trees. We hit the bleat call, and he stopped moving. All I had was a neck shot and I took it, and he dropped right there.
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