photo of a deer killed by Richard Parrphoto of a deer killed by Richard Parrphoto of a deer killed by Richard Parr

Hunter: Richard Parr

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Jackson

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

As I was coming out of the woods, I saw 6 deer feeding in a field, so I started looking at them thru the scope and thought they was all does until he lifted his head and looked my way. I could tell he was a shooter buck, so I propped up on a fence post because he was approximately 150 yards away. I shot him, he mule kicked and took off running back into the woods. I went over to where he was standing and I saw I had made a bad shot because I found some stomach content and blood. I looked a little and decided that I was going to need some help, so I looked up the GON dial a tracking dog. The closet guy to me was Jeff Andrews from Elbert County. I called him and he was leaving to go to Madison County on a trail, and he told me he would call me when he got done with that one. He called me later and we decided to go ahead and try tracking it because I felt really good about my shot. When he got there I showed him the last place I saw the deer and the blood and stomach content. He put his beagle on the trail and he went straight to my deer in about 100 yards.
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