photo of a deer killed by Richard Griggsphoto of a deer killed by Richard Griggsphoto of a deer killed by Richard Griggs

Hunter: Richard Griggs

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Union

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

I walked into this area on the Friday prior to the Coopers Creek WMA hunt which began on the following Wednesday. I found a scrape line, but it looked like they hadn't been worked in a couple of days. I jumped a deer in the area and barely got a glimpse of the rack. I think it was the one I killed but can't be sure. I decided to carry a climber in there and leave it. Hunted till one o'clock and saw a couple of does and one deer on a distant ridgeline that I couldn't tell what was. When I came out some of the scrapes had been freshened. The next morning I jumped a deer in the area where the scrape line started going in before daylight. I continued on to where I had my climber on the other side of the ridge. Everything was dead till about eleven. I had decided to give it about another hour and start hiking out. Then I heard something coming up up the mountain behind me. It was a yearling doe and she was very skittish. About 5 minutes after she went out of sight I heard something running and some grunting. Here came a doe with at least two bucks in tow. The area is very thick and could only see bits and pieces of the deer. I got on one of the bucks all I could tell is that he had a heavy dark-colored rack I shot and thought I saw him go down in some fallen trees. Another buck trotted thru an opening I shot and he ran about 30 yards and went down. He turned out to be a 5-point. When I climbed down, the first buck was laying about where I thought he had went down. Only then did I realize how big he was. Almost immediatly I wished I had let the second buck walk 4 hours later and still dragging I really wished I had!
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