photo of a deer killed by Rhonda Turnerphoto of a deer killed by Rhonda Turnerphoto of a deer killed by Rhonda Turner

Hunter: Rhonda Turner

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Turner

Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

My husband and I went hunting on this property because of pictures we had of a good deer on the property. He hunted a tower stand, and I chose to hunt from the ground by the lake instead of my usual stand. I got set up in a chair on the north side of the lake just before daylight. I hadn't seen anything until about 8:00 when I looked across the lake and he came walking out of a very small patch of woods on the southwest side of the lake. He walked over to an old corn pile and sniffed around. A smaller deer came out of the woods, and he turned and ran it back in the woods. He stopped broad sided just at the edge of the woods, and that's when I took my shot. The shot was about 140 yards, and he dropped in his tracks! But my joy was short lived when he started trying to get up. By this time I was all to pieces. I shot at him four more times and missed him every time. I finally moved closer, wiped the tears out of my eyes and shot 1 more time and finally finished him. So after six shots, which only two connected, I finally had my buck! My husband texted me and wanted to know if it was safe to come down out of his stand yet and I told him YES! COME AND SEE! After showing the deer to some family and friends we took him to the processing plant and had him caped out and brought him back home with us.
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