photo of a deer killed by Rhett Sandhagenphoto of a deer killed by Rhett Sandhagenphoto of a deer killed by Rhett Sandhagen

Hunter: Rhett Sandhagen

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Greene

Season: 2015-2016 (Week 5)

Hunt Story

Went into the woods about 4ish, climbed into the stand and had an 8-pointer walk out, but Rhett decided to pass on that one, hoping for a bigger buck to walk in. Had a slight breeze coming from the east that setup perfect for this stand location, the 8-pointer came within 15 feet of stand and never suspected a thing, then about 30 minutes later a doe comes out and feeds and then the Heavy nine showed up. He came out right beside the stand and hung near the doe. Then he sensed something wasn't right, he didn't smell anything thanks to Dead Down Wind cover scent, so he snorted a little and ran off behind the brushpile, but he had to step out and look one more time but Rhett was ready and lined up the shot with his Savage .243 with 95 Grain bullet and hit the mark. The Heavy nine jumped and kicked and ran about 20 yards into the woods and that was Rhett's first buck.
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