photo of a deer killed by Reid Freemanphoto of a deer killed by Reid Freemanphoto of a deer killed by Reid Freeman

Hunter: Reid Freeman

Points: 15 (9L, 6R)

County: Meriwether

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

The Hunt for “Fred Sanford” We had pictures of this deer since early June and as we watched his rack take shape, we were fascinated by all the “Junk” on top of his head. Hence his nick name. We had pictures of Fred daylighting in an area that set up nicely for an east wind. I climbed in a lock on around 5:15 pm. Around 6:15, three spikes showed up and were very spooky. By 6:30 a doe and her fawn had showed about 100 yards south. Within a few minutes all of them spooked. A doe and two fawns came up downwind and spooked as well around 7:00. I’ve now had two doe blowing in the woods and eight deer spook. Not feeling good. At 7:15 “Fred” appears from the NE corner of this small opening. He is quartering toward me. Worried that he too would spook, I drew back my bow and shot right over the right shoulder at a steep angle. My stand was 20 feet in the air and my shot was 19 yards. The arrow penetrated little over halfway. He jumped and ran into the woods about 40 yards. I could see him standing there with a little “Wobble” in his stance. After 30 seconds or so he trotted off with a limp. We waited till 9:30 before looking for blood. My friend Justin Strickland with Buck Muscle brought his dogs over to help me track (I wasn’t taking any chances). Dogs found blood about 75 yards into the woods and then there lay Fred another 25 yards down the trail. Shot caught the top of the right lung and filleted his left lung.
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