photo of a deer killed by Reese Crowsonphoto of a deer killed by Reese Crowsonphoto of a deer killed by Reese Crowson

Hunter: Reese Crowson

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Monroe

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Going to be a very long winded here but just the excitement and joy I had this weekend with my 9 year old daughter and 6 year old son. I’m an avid bowhunter and have hunted all my life since I was 3 years old. My daughter and son haven’t been too excited about hunting and usually made comments like Dad I can’t believe your going to shoot those pretty deer, but always like the grilled or fried back strap. So in the past couple years I would take them over to the lease and maybe we would go set in a box stand for 20 or 30 minutes and then walk around and look at tracks, scrapes, rubs and I would educate them on the woods and what we were seeing. So this coming season was getting close and my daughter and son both came to me and said they would love to go deer hunting and shoot a deer. My daughter specially stated she was only shooting bucks, no mommy’s or baby’s. So I went and bought my first cross bow as I didn’t feel they were ready for a rifle as my daughter is very small. We started practicing and man are those accurate first shot from my daughter was a bulls eye and never missed the bulls eye from then on out. So now I begun setting up ground blinds in areas to give them the best chance to succeed and put out cellular trail cams. Had a lot of pic at night and few bucks, but this past week we had several pics right at dark and kids wanted to go hunting. On Friday I took them out of school earlier and we headed to the deer lease. We got there around 3 pm and set up camp. They ran around and played at camp for hour or so, then we headed to the stand. They took I pads to kill some time and my son even got hot and took off his coveralls and set in blind in shorts. Nothing was happening all evening to around 7:20 pm when I saw 3 does working their way into the food plot. My daughter got up and ready as they approached, but they moved off to the right a little to a mineral spot we have and she couldn’t get a good broadside shot because I only had a very small shooting hole from the area I had set the blind. Daylight was fading fast and I could barely see the deer but my daughter could see them through the scope. I finally said it doesn’t look like we are going to get a shot this evening, when all of a sudden I could only see horns step at 15 yards away right in the shooting lane. I thought I was having a seizure the way I started shaking not sure how she was handling it. I said do you see him whispering and she stated oh yes he is a giant. I said put it on the spot you’ve practiced every day and squeeze the trigger. THUD is what I heard as he crashed away. She said did I get him, did I get him in just the most excited and joyous voice I have ever heard from her. I said yes you hit him but I couldn’t see where at. We got out of the stand and found blood. We started trailing it, but they were getting scared thinking it would come after us and wanted to call Mr. Matt and trigger to help find it. Mr. Matt is our club president and the one that does 90 percent of the work on the lease. He lives close by and has a tracking dog he is training named trigger. So we call Mr. Matt and him and trigger where there in 5 minutes. Trigger got out and went straight to the arrow that had passed through we retrieved it and in 5 seconds he was on the buck. It was an 8 point buck, he went about 50 yards and she was going crazy. I began to shake again and couldn’t stop. Hope if you could stay awake and complete this autobiography is was worth it. Just the most memorable weekend I have ever had with my kids. Now all there talking about is next weekend and going to the lease.
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