photo of a deer killed by Randy Robisonphoto of a deer killed by Randy Robisonphoto of a deer killed by Randy Robison

Hunter: Randy Robison

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Spalding

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

Great way to close a geat weekend!!! My youngest son Tucker killed his first deer on Saturday evening (9-pointer). That morning Bryan, Mark and I hunted. After the hunt we checked the Cuddie Back Cameras and noticed this buck that we have collectively named "Big Boy” whom we have been watching for two years, was out walking when we were searching for my son's deer a mere 540 yards away. After he saw the pictures he wanted to go back and hunt his favorite spot - The Redneck Blind for Sunday evening hunt. The one problem that I had was during Saturday's hunt I noticed my scope rings we slightly loose… Luckily Bryan let me borrow a rife. Fast forward to the evening. It started off warmer than usual (if there is such a thing in Georgia) With little to no activity. It finally started to cool off and does started to pile into the food plot around 6:40. Before long there was 8 does feeding in the food plot. We were observing their activity and shortly after I noticed another deer enter from the top corner of the field. I looked thru my binoculars and saw it was Big Boy, I looked at Tucker and told him it was Big Boy!! That he needed to get his ears on NOW! I watched him work his way down the side of the field and enter the food plot, roughly 10 minutes this allowed me to gather myself and make the appropriate adjustments to the scope. I acquired him in my scope and make the shot. His legs made a slight dip and took off across the food plot to the left side of the field, roughly 30 feet before entering the woods he appeared to drop. Tucker was ecstatic "DADDY YOU GOT BIG BOY!!!" I texted everyone in the club that was hunting that evening Bryan, Mark and Al, telling them I just shot Big boy. They arrived at our hunting location 20 minutes later, We rode the down to the food plot searched the area for blood with no luck, my heart sank. We did not enter the tall grass until we found blood, I knew I made a good shot on him. Bryan said that he heard the hit from where he was hunting from. Mark contacted Ken Parker a local tracker with his dog Mirko, Ken arrived shortly after contacting him. Soon as Ken released Mirko he went straight to where I thought he fell, there he was 10 feet into the woods.
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