photo of a deer killed by Randy Hansonphoto of a deer killed by Randy Hansonphoto of a deer killed by Randy Hanson

Hunter: Randy Hanson

Points: 12 (6L, 6R)

County: Pike

Season: 2015-2016 (Week 8)

Hunt Story

I was hunting with my brothers and nephew along some trails that had a series of scrapes in the area. I had set through a few rain showers this morning, and it approaching 10 am. I was about to get down out of my stand, but decided to wait a few more minutes to scan the area one more time. That is when I spotted this buck! He was working his way through the swamp away from me. He seemed to be working his way around checking scrapes. My only hope was that he would work his way back toward me and check the scrapes that were on the trail out in front of me. About 20 minutes later my prayers were answered. I caught a glimpse of him working his way down the trail that lead in front of me. The buck stopped behind a couple of trees right out in front of stand, and all I could see was his antlers and his nose. A few minutes later he took a couple of small steps and exposed the rest of his body, and I was able to make a clean shot and he fell within 10 yards of where I shot him.
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