photo of a deer killed by Randy Birchfieldphoto of a deer killed by Randy Birchfieldphoto of a deer killed by Randy Birchfield

Hunter: Randy Birchfield

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Fulton

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

Wow what a roller coaster ride it has been with this buck. God gets all the honor for this moment. This buck is 7 1/2 years old. I’ve been watching him grow into the buck he is now. At 4 1/2 I decided it was time to try to take him, and after several encounters with him I could never connect with him. Again at 5 1/2 same scenario, more encounters but no connection. Then at 6 1/2 again. My son Cole almost got to put an arrow through him but he slipped right through his hands. Then at 7 1/2, opening day of bow season he came in 40 yards but no clear shot. And on Sept. 16 is a day I’ll never forget, he came in with four other bucks and offered me a 30-yard broadside shot. I said to myself it’s over, and as I let the arrow go little did I know there was a muscadine vine that saved his life and broke my heart as I watched him run out of my life. Oh, but little did I know that changing locations of his home range by nearly 2 miles. I slipped in and wasn’t in the stand 30 minutes when the sweetest doe brought to me the greatest gift aka “Choker!” It’s bitter sweet but a happy ending!
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