photo of a deer killed by Raelynn Vickersphoto of a deer killed by Raelynn Vickersphoto of a deer killed by Raelynn Vickers

Hunter: Raelynn Vickers

Points: 12 (6L, 6R)

County: Cherokee

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I had not done any recon on this particular property this year, so my son and I put out a blind, corn, and a camera out two days prior to this in hunt in hopes of his big sister hunting the spot the coming week. I immediately started getting pictures of a group of bucks, and after looking at the weather made a plan for Raelynn and I to get in the blind on Tuesday night. After getting settled in the blind about 5:30, it took about an hour for the first buck to make its way in. Raelynn quickly got into position and anxiously awaited for the buck to present an ethical shot, but before he did the other bucks started pushing in behind him. As we let them settle down, the last one to come in was a gnarly racked, big bodied brute of a deer for the area. We quickly decided once he presented he was the one for her to try and harvest for her first deer ever. Raelynn settled the crosshairs on him and she slowly squeezed off the trigger while I laid down the cell phone video footage. She made a great shot on the buck! We sat and celebrated calling in the troops for the tracking and dragging process. The other bucks continued to mill around coming in to feed and getting some other great footage of them also. Once family and friends arrived we proceeded with Raelynn's first tracking job on her own deer. After following a great blood trail we found the old warrior piled up next to a log. He had only gone about 75 yards from the hit. It was such an amazing experience with the whole family there. We have been blessed with a great week of hunting with her 6-year-old brother harvesting his first deer ever, a big doe, with the crossbow days before! Now it's Momma's turn finally!
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