photo of a deer killed by Quint Hartleyphoto of a deer killed by Quint Hartleyphoto of a deer killed by Quint Hartley

Hunter: Quint Hartley

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Jones

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

Quint went to the food plot in hopes of getting the 10-point we've had on camera for at last 2 years. We already had pictures this year. Near dark, the buck came out, and Quint shot the deer from the ground. We started looking for it 45 minutes after the shot just to make sure he had died. When we got to the "scene" you could smell him but no blood. We eased in the woods trying not to spook in the event of a marginal hit and kept easing down the trail, but nothing. We came back about 45 minutes later and started again from the shot location and immediately smelled the deer again. Instead of following the trail as it appeared the deer would have traveled, the deer went off of it 5 yards... just 20 yards from the original shot location. It was difficult to locate due no blood. It was a great moment for my son's first buck! Not only is the rack large, but the body is not like that of a Georgia deer but a Midwest deer. ....and it was a perfect shot!
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