photo of a deer killed by Phil Grahamphoto of a deer killed by Phil Grahamphoto of a deer killed by Phil Graham

Hunter: Phil Graham

Points: 12 (6L, 6R)

County: Screven

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Got to the hunting club late due to work. I called one of the stands closest to the gate so that I would not disturb the other guys. Arrived at 5:15 and was set up about 5:45 p.m. Shortly after, saw two small does to my left out in the food plot. A couple minutes later a mature doe entered the food plot to my left. They ate for 30 minutes and exited to the right. After their departure I caught movement behind the food plot to the left. The grass is waist to chest high. Raised my rifle and saw just an antler and he vanished. I immediately bleated twice and followed up with several tending grunts. About 2 minutes later he came charging toward me and stopped shy of the food plot. I dropped him in his tracks with a Hornady Superformance 180 grain. I have never seen this deer on the property, he weighed 181.6 pounds and I believe just shy of 130 inches because of some broken points.
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