photo of a deer killed by Peyton Bowenphoto of a deer killed by Peyton Bowenphoto of a deer killed by Peyton Bowen

Hunter: Peyton Bowen

Points: 7 (3L, 4R)

County: Bartow

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

Peyton was selected for the Pleasant Valley VPA youth-only quota hunt. We set up a ground blind in a high deer traffic area we had scouted a few weeks earlier. We got in our spot around 4:oo that afternoon. At about 6:40 PM Peyton spotted the buck walking in an opening about 80 yards directly to our left. Because the deer was in an opening, Peyton had to wait until the deer got behind cover before he could move and get his gun on the deer. At this time the deer was in such thick cover that Peyton did not have a clear shot. The deer stayed in the thick cover and never provided a good shot. We lost sight of the buck and thought we had missed out on the opportunity to harvest this deer. Peyton kept waiting to see if he could ever see the deer again and after about 10 minutes the deer stepped out into any opening about 75 yards away and stopped. Peyton already had his gun on the deer and made a perfect neck shot. The deer dropped in its tracks and the celebration began. It was a memorable quota hunt. Thanks DNR!
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