photo of a deer killed by Peter Walkerphoto of a deer killed by Peter Walkerphoto of a deer killed by Peter Walker

Hunter: Peter Walker

Points: 11 (5L, 6R)

County: Upson

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

Had this deer on camera pretty consistently in the summer, but sparingly of late. He hit a new camera placement on a scrape at 9:30 pm the night of 11/2. There was nothing too exciting about this area other than a scrape on a trail that crossed a woods road between two pine stands with heavy dog fennel/briar underbrush. Despite being a pretty bland spot, I decided to move a climber to this area in hopes that a hot doe might bring him by me. Around 5:30 pm, I heard a loud crash and a grunt behind me in the brush, but it was so thick, I was never able to spot the deer that created the commotion. About 15 minutes later, I decided to rattle in case the buck was still in the area. Thirty seconds after I put up the horns, I heard a grunt across the road and here he came on a string and ended up giving me a shot a thirty yards. I thought he was broadside but he must have been quartered to me as despite the shot looking perfect behind the shoulder, his reaction and sign on the arrow indicated a liver hit. After letting him lay for 5 hours and quickly losing a short blood trail in thick underbrush, we opted to back out and call a dog in the morning. Got in touch with Steve Brown off the GON list and his pups found the deer about 200 yards from the shot. Unbelievable hunt.
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