photo of a deer killed by Peter Dunnphoto of a deer killed by Peter Dunnphoto of a deer killed by Peter Dunn

Hunter: Peter Dunn

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Bartow

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I had seen this deer on four other occasions, twice in bow season too far, once in muzzleloader on neighbor's property, and once on my property October 26th and I missed the opportunity. On the evening of my hunt I had seen several does and a small buck chasing a doe, then I saw a small 8-point walk into the food plot, and then a 7-point followed and they began sparring. I had seen the 7-point with the 9-point on trail-cam pictures for the last three days. I got ready, and the 9-point had poked his head out to investigate, and he was turning around to head back in the woods and that's when the opportunity presented itself. My shot was right behind the front shoulder and it exited the middle of the rib cage. When I got down to look I noticed stomach matter, so I opted to wait till the next morning. I called a man with a dog and met them at 8:00 a.m. the next morning and the deer had only run 60 yards and succumbed to his injuries. I'm glad I waited though, when we found the deer he was still slightly warm and rigor mortis had not sit in yet. I could not be happier with tagging out with this buck on small acreage property in the northern half of the state.
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