photo of a deer killed by Patrick Holtonphoto of a deer killed by Patrick Holtonphoto of a deer killed by Patrick Holton

Hunter: Patrick Holton

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Lee

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

This buck was one of my summer deer I had numerous pictures of, and due to the location of him I knew it would be hard to hunt him unless there was a perfect wind to go after him. Shortly after him shedding his velvet he disappeared with no camera pictures of him the majority of season. Several weeks ago he showed back up in his summer range, but mostly night time and midday pictures. During the past week I finally started getting some late afternoon pictures of him in his travel corridor. At this point I had only hunted him two times all season. I knew my only chance was going to be last day of season with a new front coming in and changing the wind to NW. I got in the stand early just in case he was moving with the front pushing through. When the sun started setting I thought my hopes of getting him were going to have to wait until next season, but shortly after that he walked out of the woods into a food plot in front of my stand. I immediately recognized him with the split G2 and shot him about 100 yards from my stand. He crashed into the woods and only made it 20 yards.
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